Our Practice

TMS of Wilmington

TMS of Wilmington is dedicated to treating patients of Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania with the highest quality of care possible. Our team has been passionately treating patients with a variety of mental health conditions since 2005 and has recently brought Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy on board as a revolutionary new treatment for qualifying patients with depression or OCD. We are one of the first clinics in our area to offer this life-changing therapy to our patients. We strive every day to serve our patients with the utmost level of compassion and attention to detail and create a comfortable and warm environment where we can help you begin your journey to a happy and fulfilling life without depression.

Our practice sets itself apart from others due to the unmatched level of precision offered by our unique treatment modality, the Magstim Horizon Performance TMS Machine with Stimguide Navigated 3-D Positioning System. Magstim is a leader in the TMS field with over 25 years of experience building the TMS machines. The cutting edge Stimguide system is a proprietary coil positioning system which does not allow any room for error with placing the the coil prior to starting the therapy and also monitors the coil with exact precision throughout course of the therapy to ensure it does not move from the correct position. This Stimguide system is unique to Magstim, and we are the only TMS clinic in our area with this technology. This state-of-the-art technology will ensure the most precision in your TMS treatment and will maximize the chances of you taking the next step on your journey to a life without depression. If you are interested, please contact us to set up an evaluation or attend a free seminar on TMS.